Just a couple of days until the next show opens.  We're very excited about pairing up with New Edgecliff Theatre to provide a full evening's entertainment (New Edgecliff is producing Act 1 of the adaptation of David Sedaris' "The Santaland Diaries" and we are providing three storytellers for Act 2, calling it trueCHRISTMAS), but it is also a bit of a frightening proposition.  Despite our best efforts, will audiences know what they will be getting when they come to the show?  Will they be prepared to see real people telling their real stories following an actor playing a character for over an hour? (Josh Steele is AWESOME in the role, by the way!) 

Tech is done, there are no more rehearsals with the storytellers scheduled.  Wednesday night, we kick things off with "Pay What You Can" night.  Andy Antle is joining us on the guitar, then Mark Lutwak will be there the rest of the weekend, with his accordion and melodica. 

This could become an annual tradition if things go well, so we hope you'll come down and then let us know what you think!